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Pretendo reunir nesse Blog tudo que eu encontrar na internet de programas, livros, revistas, dicas, tudo voltado para FOTOGRAFIA.

Se você tem um site, fotolog, blog ou participa de algum fórum da internet, ajude a esse blog se manter!! Como? Fácil: inserindo o link no seu site, blogs ou assinatura (no caso de fóruns) !!

Look of the Year

If you are young and have a good looking, maybe you have a chance to be a model. Now, to be a model you don’t have to participate in a beauty contest or go around to search agencies that want to hire you as a model, there is a new way to become a model.

Look of the year is an online beauty contest for everyone. It’s a new way to get recognized by the model agencies. You just have to send your best beautiful picture to This online contest have categories: Girls 14-19, Women 19+, Boys 14-19, and Men 19+, each month a top 10 list is published for each category and at the end of contest you can winning a 10.000 USD price or get spotted by an agency for model career. So, what are you waiting for? Join Look of the Year the fastest way to become a model. Visit for more information about this online beauty contest.

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